Artificial Turf For Dogs

When it comes to installing artificial turf for dogs, most homeowners are apprehensive as to how the dog will react to the fake grass.

They need not worry since dogs find artificial grass soft and a place where they can run, roll around and generally have fun. They treat synthetic turf like natural grass and since it is available all year round, they have a place where they can poop in peace.What to look for when choosing the best artificial turf for dogs

The main advantage of the best plastic turf for dogs is that it is available to the dog right through the year. It does not matter if it is sunshine, snow, rain or hail, the artificial turf remains green and inviting.

There are no days when it is too muddy, fertilizer or weed killer has been put, or lawn mowing is in progress to disturb the dog’s routine.

One of the main advantages is that it will not be dug up by an enthusiastic dog-lying-on-synthetic-turfdog. Dog poop or urine can be easily cleaned off leaving no trace or stains behind on the surface.

Astroturf, another name for artificial grass, is a good product to substitute for real grass in your backyard. It looks pleasing and realistic but at the same time, due to its synthetic nature, has better characteristics, from the point of wear and tear as well as cleaning up dog poop and urine.
It is easy to clean and sanitize it for dogs but it’s important that you do not keep solid waste on itor a long time.
As soon as you spot it, remove the waste and then pressure-hose the area. In summer, it may be okay to leave the poop till it dries and then remove it. During winter or rainy months it should be done as soon as possible. Do not try to pressure-hose the waste away, as it may only spread it. Once the area is clean, deodorized and sanitized.

A big advantage when you use synthetic turf for dogs is cleaning up its urine. Unlike dog poop, dog urine is not easily visible. However, since it is synthetic, it can be easily cleaned. All you have to do is to regularly remove dog poop and then hose the turf. After this the turf can be sanitized and deodorized.Why artificial turf is beneficial to you and your dog

When you look at artificial turf from any angle it has many advantages. Dogs love it since it is as soft as grass and is available all year round for them to play on and for bodily needs. They can gambol around in complete abandon since they do not need to worry about the surface condition. As far as they are concerned they get a perfect surface all year round.
As a homeowner you benefit as it requires minimal maintenance since mowing, fertilizing, weeding etc. are totally unnecessary. All it requires is removal of solid waste followed by simple hosing, deodorizing and sanitizing. Your lawn will have a pleasing look right through the year.

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